0Patricia is an entrepreneur, life coach, therapist, and philanthropist who encourages women to create lives that entail living creatively, celebrating themselves every day, and making personal happiness a priority. Keller Coaching is an international coaching practice working with burnt-out, high potential, unfulfilled career women who know they are destined for more in life. Through guidance, support, and guided introspection, Patricia empowers women to challenge their fears and create a lifestyle and career that feels vibrant, authentic, and inspiring.

Patricia is a world traveler and highly sought after speaker.  Patricia is fluent in two languages and enjoys immersing herself in global cultures. Her business has afforded her the opportunity to work from anywhere in the world! She leaped out of her tenured professorship, built a business she LOVES, while tripling her income in 3 months!

Patricia is passionate about helping other women craft lifestyles they desire. She personally knows how it feels to be stuck in an unfulfilled career and dispassionate lifestyle. 

Throughout her 15 years of experience, Patricia has counseled her clients to pursue their passions, develop the confidence to achieve their goals, and get what they deserve in their personal and professional lives. Her goal is for her clients to be personally fulfilled, launch businesses, achieve healthy lifestyles, receive promotions, create their dream jobs, and master a work/life balance.

Patricia is the author of a transformational guide: How to Build a Business in 9 days: No More Excuses for the Woman Ready to be  Financially Independent. She is the Founder and CEO of the inspirational apparel and accessories line, Global Couture, empowering the self acceptance and self confidence of women around the world. In her philanthropic endeavors, Patricia is committed to social justice and improving the lives of individuals who benefit from the charities and scholarships she supports.

Patricia has a Masters in Counseling Psychology and completing her doctorate in Counselor Education. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Nationally Certified Counselor.

Love with passion
Learn with purpose
Live in prosperity