Success is a goal one achieves through effort while surrounding himself/herself with competent, caring people. Patricia Keller is one of those people. She’s an outstanding professional. I vividly remember students waiting in line to work with her, the many personal requests she had from returning clients, and the calm, peace and joy individuals felt after working with her. She is competent and in demand. I remember her clear and concise vision for personal success. This is a road that she herself has walked. She is experienced and genuine. The manner with which she disseminates advice is both wise and direct. I feel proud and honored to call her my peer, and you will be grateful to experience her mentoring. PK Lurtz, PhD

Near the end of my dissertation journey, I contacted Patricia Keller to help me to the finish line.  I found myself losing motivation after many years in school and needed some external support to keep me moving forward.  She was extremely supportive throughout our process and took the time to talk me through many times of self-resistance.  One particular cold day, I found myself stuck in front of a computer… I was just looking at a blank screen experiencing severe writers block.  I called Patricia, on the spot, and after some tough love and goal assessment work, I was able to find the words to finish my dissertation.  For those journeys in life when you are traveling on a road less traveled, but could use a traveling partner to walk beside you, I recommend Patricia Keller.  Thank you Patricia for walking beside me! Dr. G

Patricia has always been an encouragement to me. She has this no nonsense way of saying get over it and take control of your own life and destiny because no one is going to do it for you! I Love her straight forward frankness! She is without a doubt The Real Deal. Working with her  will assist you in maintaining your focus and will ultimately guide you into your destiny. Lekeisha Norman, MA

I love Patricia’s tell it like it is approach to counsel & coaching. She always comes from a loving and direct place which enables her clients to yield massive results. Through working with Patricia, I’ve been able to gain clarity on blindspot in my life. By implementing the strategies that Patricia has given me, I have been able to increase my personal productivity rate and decrease stress levels in my life & business. I highly recommend working with Patricia. She’ll get you all the way together.  Brandy Butler, Vision Activator & Podcast Maven.

As a counselor/life coach, Patricia Keller is exceptional.  Her skills are beyond expected from her professional background and life experience.  She is trustworthy, ethical, honest, caring, and can quickly access and trouble shoot in a crisis. I have used her services and if there was a rating of 10 stars. I would give her 100 stars… Her warmth, kind, respectful, and caring nature as well as her smile and humor were always supportive.  On a daily basis for one year, she helped me through one of the most horrific times of my life and I will be forever grateful.  D. Stehman. B.S.N.,M.S.

Patricia’s coaching style and method is very direct and effective. She won’t tell you what to do, but provides guidance. Her guidance has empowered me to make sound decisions in my personal and professional life. Her coaching has helped me to envision my life’s mission, articulate my plan to my family, friends and business associates. Now instead of pursuing money, I’m pursuing success. Thank you for your insight!! Caprice Stancil-Smith, MA, LPC, NCC

The services I received from Keller Coaching were second to none. These services were essential to my ability to take my vision from abstract to concrete and in the development of my business. I was impressed by the entire experience from start to finish but what resonates most with me is that the advice and direction I received never overshadowed my vision, wants, and desires. She worked hard to marry what would yield the results I sought with what my dreams were…keeping everything authentic! This was the best money I’ve spent in my endeavors to launch my business. Amber Howlett, M.A.

As an independent woman,  I was feeling overwhelmed with major life choices, but with the help of Patricia, my mind is clear and I am able to pass on the knowledge I have learned to my family.  Adia Brown, M.S.

We were very fortunate to have had Keller Coaching present and share with our audience her inspiring story, practical information, and true honesty about the challenges and steps for people to transition from employee to successful business owner. As training organizer, I found Patricia Keller very pleasant and professional to work with; she promptly replied to emails and calls and presented required documents and the PowerPoint hand-outs in a timely fashion. As a participant, I was impressed by the amount of information (worksheets & assignments) she was willing to share with our audience during her session. I was also very impressed by the way, she was able to tailor her lecture to our diverse audience, which is made up of all types of people, personalities, and skill levels. She truly has a gift to communicate and the ability to simplify such a complex topic into an understandable and obtainable goal. – Michael Hopson, MA

Professional and genuine, Patricia Keller is full of wisdom that has helped me release my own untapped potential. The techniques she uses has helped me realize and appreciate my own powers and strengths. My life has truly been changed since I’ve met Patricia. -Na’Kesha “Himay10nence” Smith

Patricia of Keller Coaching is the perfect coach for the person who has the answers but does not even have a clue they are within themselves. Talking to her makes me see clearer on what I want and the path I REALLY want to take to achieve it. I tend to lose focus with wearing so many hats but after a consultation with Patricia I get back on track quickly and find my footing again. I’m ready to move on to self-employment and it became a viable option when I started working with Patricia at Keller Coaching. Sabrina,

In my line of work it’s hard to come across people willing to help you grow and prosper, but with Patricia I could tell she was genuinely concerned about me being a winner. I loved her approach and sincere energy. Since starting my sessions I’m now starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I highly recommend her coaching services…truly heaven sent. Definitely looking forward to all the great things that are in store.

Naima Abdullah

Patricia really helped me open my eyes. She exposed me to a way of thinking that will surely help me expand my brand presence and generate multiple streams of revenue. I am so fortunate to have met her! Meredith Mobley, Owner, Thought Bubble Communications

Patricia is an amazing therapist and life coach. She has been a mentor to me and an inspiration to others. Her coaching services have helped me fill a void in my life and I truly appreciate her. Patricia’s hard work and dedication have helped guide me. She motivated me to stay focused on my goal to become a MA, LPC. Patricia leads by example. Through her leadership and endless efforts, Patricia continuously exceeds expectations. She is a businesswoman who puts her passion into her work.

I’ve also had the pleasure of seeing Global Couture grow into a wonderful company. From the beginning the blog has promoted a positive message to its audience. Global Couture has set the standard. It has helped the community embrace their culture and positive self-images. Global Couture is more than a blog and business; it is a movement. Wesley Washington