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Do you Have an Abundance Mindset?

When you sit and ponder about your aspirations, what comes to mind? What obstacles you’ll possibly face? How about the unfamiliar and unfriendly people you might meet? How much time do you invest into worrying about others instead of focusing and thinking along a bigger spectrum? If you’re brain’s been boggled with how you will compete amongst others than you’ve been going about things completely wrong. Here’s why:

The things you have to offer this world can’t be overshadowed by anyone else because they can’t do it with your passion, creativity, and talent. Although several people may share similar interests, each person is able to perform and present their gifts in various ways; making it so unique that it almost appears to be brand new. That’s the beauty in it! The notion that we are too alike or not adequate enough, or must remain in competition is absurd. If it were true, how are we supposed to mix, mingle, network, collaborate, and expand upon ideas with one another? As much as we would like to believe that we can conquer all things alone, the truth is that we all could use a helping hand. We must then use the other hand to help pave the way for others to come.

Whatever you’ve been blessed with, destined to achieve, or accomplish will always be for you and there isn’t another person walking this earth that can deny you of those things. Let’s get out of the mindset that we need to dim someone else’s light in order for ours to shine. Behaving in such a way says more about your own character than it ever will about others. The opportunities are plentiful and possibilities endless for those who truly believe so. The crabs in a barrel mentality doesn’t get you anywhere in life. While each “crab” is busy trying to pull the next one down, they never realize that none of them ever make it outside the barrel that way. Think about how much brighter the world could be if some people didn’t feel the need to unscrew someone else’s bulb every time they thought they were getting outshined.

The law of attraction states that what you put into the universe, you’ll receive back whether it be negative or positive so why not take the high road and choose optimism? Stop settling because you’re afraid of scarcity. Scarcity only comes from being scared! When you get into the habit of limiting your own potential others take note of it and will be reluctant to have faith in your capabilities. Why would anyone believe in you, if you don’t even believe in yourself? With persistence and a decent work ethic you’ll end up exactly where you’re supposed it be.

When you were growing up, do you recall anybody telling you to aim for second best? No, because you are supposed strive to be the best at everything you do and if you fail then at bare minimum, you learned valuable lessons along the way but how can you ever be the best at anything if you don’t attempt to try first. Imagine you have a group interview for your dream job, you all walk into the room with no prior knowledge of each others background and before anyone can say anything or the interview begins, you look around the room and decide to leave because the competition seems too intense. It may sound silly or ridiculous but that’s because it is and it’s exactly how you look every time you overthink yourself out of your big dreams and underestimate your abilities. The famous quote by Les Brown says “Shoot for the moon and if you miss you will still be among the stars.” Not once did anyone ever suggest that you shoot for the stars because the moon appears to be too far away.

Abundance mindset is a concept in which optimistic people believe that there are enough resources and success to share with others. For example, let’s say you recently were given an opportunity and the company is looking for more people to join the team. A person who is an abundance thinker would gladly tell their friends who are qualified for the position to apply but a

non abundance thinker wouldn’t tell anyone in fear that it would create competition between them or prevent them from reaching their full potential within the company.

The road to success is a difficult one but if you endure the journey then you’ll reach your desired destination but you can’t do so concerning yourself with others and without an abundance mentality. Persevere through the challenges and focus on you until the focus is on you. If you constantly channel your energy on what the next individual is doing or how far they’re ahead of you, when you look up you’ll be far behind. Let’s move in the direction of having more faith and being less fatalistic. You can do anything you put your mind to if you remember that impossible is nothing and failure isn’t an option.

[By: Nyia Moore]

5 Techniques to ensure that 9-5 is a thing of the PAST

So you’ve left the 9-5 life, started your own business, and things have been going pretty well. Great! Now it’s time to ensure that working a 9-5 job for someone else, remains a thing of the past. Since you’ve already taken the leap of faith, the rest should be quite simple.

Stay motivated! Reaching your goal of becoming an entrepreneur, doesn’t mean that the motivation ends there. In fact, motivation should be the driving force that wakes you up every morning to have the greatest products or to be the best at whatever your field of business is in. Keeping track of your sales, customer satisfaction rate, employee performance, and quality control will help you to not only maintain your business but set a certain standard as well. When you consistently reach that standard, you can then set new objectives. Using incentives can improve your business tremendously and keep you a cut above the rest.

“Those who fail to plan, plan to fail;” a popular quote that can be utilized in all aspects of life but in the business world, it should be the first rule of thumb. In order to ensure that your business not only stays afloat but also reaches it’s full potential, you’ll have to do more than weekly and month to month planning. Being successful will require you to think outside the box and prepare for things for years to come or that may not ever happen but it will all be well worth it. The bigger your mindset, the bigger and better your business will become. For instance, let’s say you’re a restaurant owner and you haven’t been getting the amount of diverse customers that you’d like to, consider what you can plan or change in order to obtain your desired results. Maybe switching the menu selection will help, handing out business cards, and having specialty events. Once you take note of what was effective, you can plan out the entire next year based upon what you learned to be useful.

Work smarter, not harder. For someone like a restaurant owner, business can fluctuate and be competitive at times. When you keep track of your numbers properly, you’ll be able to realize what your slow periods and seasons are. You may even be able to find correlations that explain what the problem is. Then you can go on to plan ahead as mentioned previously. However, is that really enough? The important thing to always remember is why you started in the first place. Don’t ever forget the 9-5 struggle and always apply the same hustle that you once used to help fulfill someone else’s dreams towards your own efforts. Keeping the same example of a restaurant owner, how could you try to keep your place up to date with modern times and appeal to new customers, all while going about it in an intelligent manner? Changing your decor, offering discounted or valet parking, and free WiFi may be a smart way to make minor adjustments that benefit your business in a major way. Other ideas might include having your business create a social media page or having an awards program app. Providing delivery options or using a third party like GrubHub may also help to keep business booming. Although a restaurant owner was used as an example, the same mindset and ideas can be implemented towards many business ventures. It’s all about being innovative, keeping up with the times, and the times to come.

Be the boss you were born to be. Practice makes perfect and it’s no different when you are self employed. However, there is less room for errors when every decision you make could be detrimental to all of the hard work and the sacrifice you’ve put in. Knowing that shouldn’t frighten you, allow it to be a gentle reminder; keeping you aware that as a boss there won’t always be a lot of time to analyze every single detail of every situation. Entrepreneurs have to make swift choices and trust their instincts. The best way to become a better boss is to hone in on your leadership skills. What does being a leader mean to you and what can you learn from great leaders that you have witnessed or worked for? Great bosses

not only know the ins and outs of their own establishment but they also understand what consumers are looking for and what their employees expect. An open minded and well rounded individual always makes a good boss.

Love what you do. The answer on how to keep from working a 9-5 job is simple. If you love what you do, you’ll be willing to do whatever necessary in order to avoid going back to doing what you don’t. When you love something, you are passionate about it, and where there is passion and persistence, there will always be positive results.


[Nyia Moore]

How to get motivated to do anything!

Motivation gives us the desire and willingness to accomplish many things but it can be difficult to maintain such high levels of inspiration at times. For those moments, it’s essential to go beyond your routine sources for incentives. Truth be told, there will be times when you won’t always feel positive or good about yourself and what you wish to achieve in life. Don’t fret, just like everything else, there is a way to overcome this obstacle too.

Self Motivation

Who else can motivate you better than your own self? If you’ve been feeling a little uninspired then maybe you should do some intimate soul searching. Get back in tune with who you are, where you come from, and what you want in life. Some people may believe that the past should remain just that but did you ever stop to think that maybe it’s the best way to keep yourself on the right track and moving towards the future? Remembering how far you’ve come and how long you still have to go in order to reach your ultimate goals will keep you from getting distracted by insignificant people and things. Self reflection allows you to be your own hero when no one else seems to fit the description. There won’t always be another person to lead the way for us and that’s when we have to step up to the plate and rise to the occasion, not only for ourselves but to be an example for others as well.

Motivation from others

With every great success there is some sort of struggle or a moment of tragedy but the person who experiences it must be relentless in order to persevere through the situation. The key to surviving any ordeal is to not give up until the outcome is favorable or you’ve reached the desired goal. Use other’s mistakes and success stories as a reminder that although it may not always be easy, it certainly is possible. For the times when you’re having difficulty finding motivation within yourself, look beyond the reflection in the mirror and onward to those around you and where you strive to be. Getting caught up in pride and embarrassment might keep you from learning and seeking help from those who could be beneficial to you. Today’s world is all about networking and sharing ideas, experiences, and knowledge so don’t exclude yourself from that. Everyone had to start somewhere and you won’t get very far by staying to yourself and keeping quiet. So don’t be afraid to mix, mingle, and get motivated!

Motivation from failure

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it takes to succeed then you must first experience what it’s like to fail. It may not make sense at the time but it’s the only way to learn what not to do or what you can do better. Experience is the best teacher, it goes beyond what any book or person can tell you. Surprisingly, failure isn’t as bad as everyone makes it out to be. In fact, some of the most successful people have used what most would consider as the end of the road as motive to create their own lane. A person’s perspective determines how far they will go in life. Everything you lose isn’t a loss, a “no” does not mean never, and just because your dream has been delayed, does not mean it’s been denied.

Motivation from your goals

Everyone has something in their life that they wish to change or improve. Whatever those things are, they should be your motivation to complete whatever tasks, education, or savings necessary to obtain and reach your desired aspirations. For example maybe you’d like to become a homeowner and get out of debt but you don’t quite have the means to do so, sometimes a better life requires a different version of yourself. There’s nothing wrong with changing for the better, in fact you should always seek to metamorphosis into the greater being you’re destined to be. Once you’ve conquered what’s on your current list, the journey doesn’t stop. The road to riches and higher living is a never ending quest to elevate not only yourself but those around you as well. Use your goals to get you going!

When you feel as though you don’t have the strength or energy to keep pushing forward, don’t be too hard on yourself because those feelings will eventually subside. Sometimes in order to get motivated you’ll have to dig deeper than usual and other times you’ll become motivated by the most miniscule things. Learn to appreciate both.

by Nyia Moore

Living the Life you Want Starts by Defining Freedom

Freedom- the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. The state of not being imprisoned or enslaved.

Many of us are familiar with the textbook definition of freedom but what does it mean to you? We all have our own idea of what that may entail whether it’s financial stability or the ability to have more control over our time without the constraints of daily tasks but in order to do so, we must figure out what it is that we really want. Once that happens, the world is yours!

Let’s expand more on the idea of being free, because one cannot be truly happy without it. Freedom is much deeper than time and responsibilities; it’s a state of state of being. While some of us may be free from the corporate world, others struggle with not allowing their mind, body, soul, and spirit to be controlled by what society tells us what, when, and how we should be. Finding peace and freedom from within will allow you to implement these things throughout the rest of your life. You may not be able to have everything you want in life but it doesn”t hurt to try. It’s much better to attempt greatness than to fail miserably because you didn’t have the courage to see where your intelligence and work ethic could take you. Fulfilling your destiny isn’t easy by any means but good things come to those who do what is necessary to win. So do you want to work for the rest of your life making someone else’s dreams come true or plan, and execute your own ideas?

The first step in figuring out what being free means for you is getting in tune with who you are as a person, not just your likes and dislikes but a more in depth understanding of your character so that you can decide if the things you want are also things you need. For instance, maybe you’re thinking of purchasing an expensive vehicle because your current one is unreliable, while there isn’t anything wrong with treating yourself; the wiser thing to do would be to buy a car that is economically efficient so that you can use the extra money to finance your dreams. The difference in knowing what you want versus what you need will help guide you into the life you’ve always imagined.

A great way to turn your desires into reality is to write them in a notebook or to create a vision board as a reminder of what your personal goals are. Seeing something daily works as a positive reinforcer for you to act upon and keep as a priority. Keep in mind that the life you want for yourself may not be what others have deemed for you and that some of your choices may disappoint or offend them. Don’t get hung up on that because it’s a part of the process to living authentically. Those who truly love and support you will respect and continue to want whatever is best for you. Freeing yourself from anything that no longer serves a positive purpose in your life whether it be people, habits, or hobbies is a great way to start shifting your life in a new direction as well.

Creating the life you want will bring many questions of uncertainty but the best way to live freely is to keep an open mind and remain optimistic. Use your reasons for wanting to change your lifestyle as motivation to cultivate them into reality. When transitioning from your old lifestyle into your desired one keep in mind that the rewards may come in different forms, maybe before it was bonuses at work and discounts at your favorite retailers but now you’re able to help your children with homework, attend their extra curricular activities, and network with those who have similar interests as you. It’s up to you to decide which lifestyle offers more value, that’s when you’ll find outwhat reward really is.

Think about having a life that you are fully in control of, that’s exactly what freedom is. Now think about why you’re not living the life you’ve always dreamed of, is there any correlation? Sometimes we limit ourselves without realizing it because we are restricted by location, bosses, jobs, and even our friends and family members. It’s time you stop making excuses and start making the necessary changes to transition into the best version of you that you can be, and that begins with being free.

[by Nyia Moore]

4 Quick Thoughts on Building your Dreams

In the last few months I have really begin to understand what it means to walk in my own purpose. It started with a small idea, and is growing into this much larger vision for the future. I want to encourage all of my Dreamers to follow your dreams and to walk in your own purpose with a goal to have a life worth living. Building a dream is not easy work. If you ask anyone who has had a vision and have achieved it you know that it did not happen overnight and that it took a lot of hard work and dedication to reach where they are today. With all that being said here are 4 thoughts on how to build your dreams into a reality and creating your own life worth living.

1) Believe in your dream
As cliché or as simple as it sounds the first thing you need to build a dream is to believe your dream is valid. Since we were kids, or at least teenagers we have heard people tell us to be realistic and that unless your dream is to have a 9-5 with benefits your dreams are just wishful thinking. I am sure there are millions of people out there who have had brilliant ideas for businesses or their lives in generally who decided that the “realistic” route should be the road they travel, but I am telling you right now that if you have a vision for your life…believe in it! You may have a vision that will lead you in a direction to change the world, or at least the immediate world around you. Don’t be selfish, believe in your dream and change the world!

2) Study your craft
Once you believe in what you see for yourself, what you envision for your future, you have to prepare for it. Begin studying what it will take to propel you into your vision. You may have a vision to start a local youth program, begin finding groups and resources that support youth. If your vision is to start your own company, talk to local business owners or research what it takes to open a business. Putting in the work to understand whatever it is you want to do is a key to not only living your dream, but also being a success once your dream becomes a reality. Absorb all the knowledge you can that will enrich your ability to live your dream.

3) Find your team
Learning is great and necessary, but dream building is also about the team you create to make it happen. Your team should consist of like-minded individuals who are ready to succeed in the same ways you are. Building a network of people that can help you reach your goal is essential because you don’t know everything and no one expects you to be able to do everything alone. If you want to start a business but lack accounting skills add someone to your team who has the needed skills to assist you. In return there will come a day when you may be able to assist them in some way. Don’t be afraid to network and meet new people. You never know who may greatly impact your life and help your dreams flourish.

4) Just Do it!
Last but most important, for a dream to become reality you have to stop just talking and thinking about it and just get started. You do not have to know every single thing there is to know, you just have to have a willingness to learn and grow as you go through each step. Actions will forever and always speak louder than words, and once you put your dreams into motion the universe will direct you in the way that will create your own personal life worth living.

Remember that your dreams are valid and your willingness to achieve them is all it takes to make things happen. You are capable of achieving your dreams or God would not have given you the vision to see them.

Fear is the Number One Business Killer

“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”-Suzy Kassem

Let that marinate for a minute, okay now how many of us can be honest enough to admit that we’re over thinkers? We waste so much of our time, energy, and talents stressing over everything we want to do, have already done, and even what we think is impossible to accomplish in the future. In order to stop getting in our own way, we must first change our mindset.

Fear of change

Change is inevitable right? I mean nothing ever really stays the same forever and why would we want it to? Even with knowing this, it doesn’t make it easy to embrace change in our lives as we transition into new relationships, career paths, and take on new scholarly challenges. We fear change because we become complacent with what is familiar to us. At some point you have to come to the realization that the only way you’ll evolve into the next level of elevation is to become a bit uncomfortable. What’s the first thing that any human being does when they’re uncomfortable? They adjust or change! It’s time to be more optimistic and take on whatever life throws our way.

Fear of the unknown

It’s kind of silly how often we forget that part of what makes life so interesting and exciting, is that we never know what’s going to happen next. What is there honestly to be afraid of? Well if you really had to ask, absolutely nothing! That’s the thrill of it all. We get to wake up everyday and make it whatever we would like it to be. Each day is a new opportunity to become what you want and do as you please, don’t waste it away wishing you’d made more of the precious time that we have here on earth. Take a risk and stop letting uncertainty prevent you from moving forward.

Fear of opinion

How many times have you passed up an opportunity or second guessed yourself due to fear of what others might think? There is nothing wrong with seeking guidance from others but your ultimate decision making should be based upon what you really want and feel. Truth be told, nobody knows what’s best for you but you and the more you choose to allow people to live their life vicariously through yours, the more you will begin to lose sight of who you are and what you want. Don’t let anyone else’s point of view overshadow your own. Your voice matters and you’re valid in believing so. Everyone has an opinion but that doesn’t mean it’s always worth listening to. Sometimes a penny for your own thoughts is more valuable than someone else’s two cents.

Fear of failure

A wise elderly woman once told me that “nothing beats a failure but a try.” At the time I didn’t quite grasp the concept but I think I’ve got it now, she was trying to get me to understand that as long as you have tried; you could never fail. Too often we forget to just live in the moment and follow our hearts. Of course there is a chance that things may not work out as we hoped them to but that comes along with the territory. On the bright side, experience is the best teacher and learning from your mistakes is priceless. If by chance you do fail, let it inspire you to try even harder the next time. We owe it to ourselves to abandon those unhealthy fear driven thoughts and create new ones that will motivate us in the direction of happier outcomes. While you’re being distracted by doubts and what ifs, there is someone else willing to take a leap of faith. Be brave enough to achieve the things you once deemed unobtainable because nothing is impossible.

“Fear is stupid, so are regrets” – Marilyn Monroe

Fear is stupid because if you continue to let it control your life, you’ll wake up one day with a bunch of regrets about what you wish you would have, should have, and could have done. Live a little and be courageous. Do all of the things you’ve always wanted to because the only thing to fear is fear itself.


Ready to work through your fear and start the business and life you have always wanted? Lets get started now! Click here

[by Nyia Moore]

Clues to Finding your Passion

Some of us wake up everyday following the same routine, just going through the motions of life all the while feeling like something is missing. Could it be that you’re not quite sure which direction you want to take or that you have yet to discover what exactly makes you wake up in the morning excited to start your day? Perhaps what you are looking for boils down to figuring out what you’re passionate about. Below are a few steps to discovering how to add significance to your life by living out your passion.
Revisit your childhood. What did you love to do?

During the transition into adulthood, many things change about our personalities and preferences but sometimes there are a few things that stick with us forever. Growing up, was there a hobby that you really enjoyed and still find yourself unable to let go of? If so, embrace the fact that you were able to discover what may very well be not only your passion but your purpose in life. Don’t ignore the desire to fulfill childhood dreams.

What is it that you couldn’t imagine living life without doing?
We all have that one thing we absolutely couldn’t imagine never doing again, that one thing that keeps us up in the middle of the night; the thing that changed or even defined who we are. The reason you feel so strongly about possibly having to one day cease the activity or hobby is because you are passionate about it! Deep down inside there is a part of you that yearns to be able to do what you love. If you feel like there is something that you couldn’t imagine living life without doing, then don’t. Do whatever it is that makes your soul happy.

What do you spend hours reading about or watching on TV?
The things that we like to watch on TV, listen to on the radio, and read about the most is a good indication of what our interest are. For example, if you enjoy watching Law and Order then maybe you would do well working within the judicial system.

Explore all aspects of your passion.
Let’s say you’ve finally figured out what your passion is, great! However, that is only the beginning; it’s time to dig a little deeper and evaluate where exactly you fit in because after all each field has many departments and sectors. For instance, a musician might have to consider whether or not they want to perform music or focus on being behind the scenes. Although their heart may desire performing on a stage in front of thousands of people if they know they’ll be more productive composing music then that is what they should go with. When following your passion use discernment because people easily lose sight of the bigger picture. Passion usually comes from the heart but be sure to use your mind so that all of the time and effort invested doesn’t go wasted. If you really want to succeed in living out your passion then analyze your progress over different periods of time. Ask yourself if your talents and skills are being utilized in a way that will be beneficial to you in the long run.

Do as much research as possible.
In order to be great at anything, it’s important to know as much about it as possible. Read books about the subject and volunteer to do pro bono work to not only help others but to also learn hands on experience. When you do your research beforehand it helps prepare you for what lies ahead. Those who plan usually are more organized which helps them become more successful because there is little to no room for error.

Make a list of people who are where you want to be.
After doing your homework, I’m sure you will come across a few names of people in your field of interest who have been able to reach the level of professionalism that you’re seeking. Try to find out what methods they used to get to where they are now and what their failures were. Purchase their books, attend their seminars, watch their videos, and email them your inquires if possible. The idea behind this isn’t to imitate them but to learn as much as you can and maybe even take things up a notch from what they did.

Start doing what you love, even if you don’t have a business plan.
So you don’t exactly have a business plan yet, well so what! The point is to follow your passion and do what you love. Eventually the other pieces will fall in place. Allow time to take it’s course; Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Don’t Make Money Your Primary Consideration.
Of course we’d all like to do something we love and make a great income from it but it can be difficult to accomplish that in the beginning stages. Be prepared to work for free or less than what you might have imagined when you first start out until you’ve created a name for yourself that your work ethic can attest for.

When you love something, the idea is to love it deeper, stronger, and better each day. You’ll know how passionate you are by how much you are willing to work at it. Brainstorming means coming up with new ideas to elevate your work and take things to the next level. Challenge yourself and your peers!

Practice, and practice, and practice some more.
I’m not sure if perfect exists but the only way to find out is to practice as often as you can. Practice until you find your purpose, be passionate about it, and make it become your paycheck.

[By: Nyia Moore]

3 Signs you Aren’t Living up to your Potential

Have you ever stopped to really take into consideration how you’re living life? Do you make the most of your talents, time, and opportunities? Do you seek out fulfilling experiences and relationships? If not, then you may be living a small life. In order to take full advantage of the time we have here on earth, it is imperative that we constantly evaluate ourselves to ensure we’re progressing. So, to help find out if any of the questions above apply to you, below are three signs that you are living a miniature life.

You plan more than your produce. When it comes to this thing called life, for the most part many of us have some type of plans whether they’re immediate or for the future. Planning things out is important and a wonderful habit however, the problem comes in when we do more planning than actually producing and executing. If you spend countless days and hours making plans then find yourself second guessing and contemplating if you should go through with them; you may need to discover how to keep from repeating this negative mindset. Think of all the time we have wasted on psyching ourselves out of the things we’ve always wanted to do, then imagine what we could have accomplished in that time. A little frightening right? Sometimes when we plan many things at once or we are trying to do something for the first time, it can be a bit overwhelming and intimidating but if you already believe the outcome will be bad; it will prevent you from performing well. To make life easier on yourself try not to make too many plans all at once. Focus on the important task at hand and don’t stop until it’s completed. Also, prioritizing your plans will make things less stressful. Don’t allow laziness or fear of failure keep you from following things through because you don’t know if you never try. You’ll be more disappointed later on in life at the things you didn’t have the courage to pursue than if you gave something your best shot and it didn’t work out.
You often seek validation. One of the greatest feelings is knowing we have made our loved ones proud of us but praise and permission are two different things. Seeking validation is almost synonymous with asking for permission or approval for how you should live your life. When you constantly look for validation, it becomes the basis for what you consider to be right, wrong, acceptable, and unacceptable. While the opinion of others can be useful, it shouldn’t supersede your true thoughts, feelings, opinions, wants, or likes. After all, those are the things that make you unique in the first place. If you continue to look for others approval in everything you’ll eventually be stripped of your identity and end up very unhappy. Trust yourself enough to enjoy the things that bring you pleasure without doubting if it’s okay. Pride yourself in confidence!
You envy others success. When you’re on the outside looking in, of course it seems as if everyone else has it better than you but that’s not reality. Nobody ever has it all together; all the time. Someone may have a better job, house, or car than you do but that doesn’t mean they’re more successful because success can be measured in many ways. Always keep in mind that even if someone is more successful; they still struggle and face different adversities. They just might differ from the battles you deal with. Whatever accolades or accomplishments someone else has is nothing to be envious of but is more so something you should look up to. Use others success stories as motivation to create your own. When you wish for things that someone else has it’s a sign that you aren’t satisfied with your life. It represents what you desire and don’t have. Get in touch with your gratitude because just like you are wishing for the life that someone appears to have, there is probably someone else who would do anything to have yours.
The wonderful thing about realizing you aren’t living up to your full potential is that it’s never too late to start heading in the right direction. Discovering that you have a problem is half of the solution. There may be some things you need to work on but don’t be too hard on yourself. Remember to take credit for what you’re doing right and enjoy the journey of bettering your life.

[By Nyia Moore]

The Signs Your Work Week is Killing You

It took me sometime to write this and trust me when I say I’m writing this from a first hand experience. The work week and even your weekends are essential to your well being. The choices you make in each of those 7 days influence how your week goes, which influences how your month goes, which influences how your year goes, and so on. There are 7 ways of the week that can lead you to emotionally and mentally draining yourself for a lifetime if you do not actively make the decision to change them. Discontent, bad attitudes, poor nutrition and physical wellness, lack of motivation, distraction, anticipation, and hustle and bustle will all lead to your mental and emotional death.

Sunday-You’re already dreading your week
Discontent is one of the biggest mental killers. Your attitude and perception on life is what fuels your week. If on Sunday evening as you think about your upcoming work week you already dreading the tasks of the week, you have already taken the first step into having a “bad” week. Being discontent is a sign of being emotionally and/or mentally drained. The first warning sign of the drainage is constant and consistent complaining about the work you have to do this week. Pay attention to the words you are using Sunday night. Are you saying “I’m so excited to see my new client tomorrow” or “God I hate Mondays?”

The statements of discontent shape your views for the week. You will have a horrible Monday because the you’ve already decided to. How can you change your view of discontent? It can be as easy as changing your mind on how your day will go or a more difficult tasks, as finding a new job or something that brings you more joy than your current situation. Only you will know what you need to break the cycle of discontentment.

Monday- You walked in with an attitude
Your attitude for your work week was set on Sunday evening, but Monday morning you have the choice to decide if you are going to go through the week with a good or bad attitude. Going through your day with a bad attitude can lead to unhappy clients or customers, bosses or employees who will feed off of your attitude, and other people you may come into contact with throughout the week will get the vibes of your attitude.

Each day set your intention to have a positive attitude, even on a rough day. It will make a difference on how your week actually goes. I’ll share an example from my day today. Today I went into work and decided I was going to have a good day. All went well until 2pm when I got a parking ticket, then locked my keys in my car when I was going to pay it. I easily could have been angry and upset, but I decided to keep the good attitude I intended for myself, and once I got back into my car I let that situation go. I had set my intention for the day and I stuck to it. I didn’t allow myself to get wrapped up in negativity, because in the long run it wasn’t worth it. Once you set your intention for the week you have to stay committed and actively decide in each moment of your day that you will not let the events of the day change your attitude.

Tuesday- Where’s the coffee
Lack of sleep, nutritious food, and exercise can lead to a week of disdain. How you are treating your body will lead to how your mind and body co-exist throughout the week. Are you feeling tired before you even get your work day started? Are you on a third or fourth cup of coffee before 10am everyday? Your body is telling you that you are mistreating it and your mind is probably having difficulties staying alert due to this. Your body will tell you what it needs and that lack of energy is one of the biggest signs your body can send you.

Be aware of the signs your body is giving you and respond to them effectively. If you are having more cups of coffee per day than you have hours of sleep, you probably have programmed your body to expect the coffee which in turn keeps you up at night. Maybe decreasing a cup or two of coffee and adding an hour or two more of sleep will help your body be more effective throughout the day. Make a daily routine that includes some type of physical activity and a healthy diet will also provide you with natural energy to get through your days. Taking care of your body is essential to your mental and emotional health because it is all intertwined to make you the best that you can be.

Wednesday- Where is Friday?
You were discontent on Sunday, had an attitude Monday, was tired and hungry on Tuesday, and now it is Wednesday, better known to most as Hump Day. Wednesday is an important day because you are halfway through your week. Most of us get to Wednesday and all we can think about is Friday and how much you will enjoy the end of the week. We focus so much on the end of the week, we lose perspective of the work that still needs to be done in our week. This lack of motivation can be difficult to overcome. Hump Day let’s our mind drift to the end of the weekend and all of our plans for the weekend to come. We are daydreaming through the next 3 days of work, until we reach a point we realize we haven’t actually done any work at all through the day. It can be difficult to be motivated through Wednesday.

Wednesday is not the end of the week, yet it’s the day we usually stop giving our all (if we were ever giving our all), but it is necessary to find the motivation to do good and efficient work. The motivation you have in the workplace on can reflect on your motivation in life. If you are not doing your best work at work, where are you allowing that energy to flow? Finding motivation when it is the hardest to do will be useful for your future endeavors and reaching your goals, practicing it now will only build your ability to stay motivated through difficult circumstances in the future.

Thursday- Distracted Much?
If you were distracted by the idea of the weekend on Wednesday, by Thursday you are probably totally disengaged from the work week and the idea of accomplishing tasks, especially if you are in a job or position that you are intrinsically unhappy with. Distractions are come much easier at this point in the week and your ability to focus even on the simplest tasks becomes more difficult if you haven’t been taking care of your body throughout the week also.

Thursdays are a good day to practice techniques that will help you gain focus. It is a challenging day in the week because you are so close to the end but still have things you need to accomplish at work. Practicing yoga or meditation is a helpful way to learn to channel your focus throughout your day. Maybe it’s not that you are completely distracted from your work, but possibly just overwhelmed with what all needs to be done. Learning to use mindfulness techniques to assist you in focusing on one tasks at a time can be useful for days like this. Giving yourself a skill set around your ability to focus will be useful as you grow in your career and your work, and will help you be the most inefficient you can be throughout all of your days.

Friday- Oh TGIF!
It’s finally here, the day you have been day dreaming about since at least Wednesday. Your work is finished (or at least you are finished working), and you have rushed out of the office to enjoy your weekend. You are going to hang out with your friends for happy hour or maybe meeting your significant other for dinner. You’ve rushed the week by and have landed on the beginning of the weekend.

Friday’s are meant to be enjoyed but there is no need to rush through your entire week for it. Having patience and taking the time to enjoy your days, no matter how busy and hectic they may be is important. Each day you have is one that will not return so practice not allowing yourself to spend all week waiting for Friday, and joy the days that come before it as well.

Saturday- Turn Down For What?
Friday has come and gone and now it is Saturday, a day full of shopping, soccer games, hanging out with friends and family, and many other things to keep your day “off”, very busy. You do a lot of errands on Saturday and on Saturday night you want to enjoy your evening so you make plans to do something fun.

At this point in the week you have looked forward to your day “off” so much you probably haven’t really considered actually making it a day off, a day to reboot and recover from your hectic week. Sometimes a day of self-care and relaxation is needed in place of the very busy day aka the “turn up” that Saturday generally brings. Consider planning at least one Saturday a month to use as a day of rest and relaxation. Many of us spend the whole week focusing on work and others that we miss vital opportunities for self-care. It is not selfish to take a day to yourself, but it can be very necessary for your overall well being.

You have a choice at the beginning of each day to decide on how you will treat yourself. Will you treat your mind, body and spirit with kindness and practice ways of satisfaction, better attitudes, nutrition and sleep, focus, and self-care or will you allow yourself to be in a place of discontent, bad attitudes, poor nutrition and physical wellness, lack of motivation, and distraction, anticipation, and hustle and bustle? It is your choice and a choice you have to consciously make each day.

What signs would you add?

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[contributor, Latisha]

Goal setting: You have as many hours in a day as Beyonce


As a mother, business woman, wife, and entertainer Beyoncé also known as Mrs. Flawless herself seems to always have it all together and you can too! No matter how busy or hectic things may seem, the truth of the matter is that you have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé. What does that actually mean? It’s a simple reminder that you are fully capable of achieving all the things you hope, wish for, and desire.

So what has the queen Bey taught us about conquering it all thus far? Well for starters, in her song Diva she states that “A diva is a female version of a hustla.” Think of a hustler as someone who works hard to accomplish their goals, doing whatever necessary to make it, despite the circumstances they are in or any adversities they are faced with. Women are diva’s because we make things happen for ourselves and our families without ever making excuses.

Who runs the world? We do! That’s right we are no longer looked at as just mothers and caregivers but now we are also CEO’s, Scientists, and Politicians too. We have broken barriers and raised the bar higher for future female leaders to come. Balancing a career and family is now the standard.Yonce has reminded us that we are “Smart enough to make these millions, strong enough to bear the children, then get back to business.”

If you want to be able to have stability in your career and home life then you will have to master the art of multitasking and time management. These things will take some time getting used to but once you’ve fully committed to doing so, the rest is easy. Understand that this is not only an adjustment for you, but for your friends and family as well. In order to tackle on several different aspects of your career and motherhood at once, everyone needs to be on board and ready to support you.
Time is of the essence; don’t squander it by not using it wisely. One of the best ways to stay organized is to create a monthly schedule and a daily to do list. Put the most important tasks at the top, even if they aren’t things you necessarily want to do. Also include personal projects so that you have something to look forward to. Everyone knows that when you live an active on the go lifestyle it can be difficult to get work done, so keep it with you for when you have extra time. For example, the train ride to and from work or while waiting at an appointment.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? Knowing what time of the day you are more productive helps because you’ll be more efficient if you work when you’re at your best or in your comfort zone. Dedicate certain periods of time for work, family, and being social. Not only is it vital to create schedules but budgeting your time properly is a huge part of making the most out of your days. Figure out how much time it takes you to complete certain activities and tasks then determine how much free time is left after you handle all of your responsibilities, doing so will keep you from overwhelming yourself when taking on extra commitments. If you find yourself focusing on unimportant things, procrastinating, or getting side tracked use your goals as motivation. The idea is to be consistent and continually make progress. Be ambitious!

“I took some time to live my life, but don’t think I’m just his little wife,” of course we love and adore our significant others but we don’t have to walk in their shadows, or in the shadows of any man. We have our own passions, hobbies, and dreams to fulfill. Choosing to have a life separate from being a wife and a mother doesn’t make you any less of a woman, in fact it makes you even more phenomenal. It’s not about having to sacrifice one for the other but more so finding balance so that everything is completed successfully and everyone is happy.

In a recent ad campaign to ban the word bossy because it causes young girls to be less interested in leadership than boys, Beyoncé ended it by saying “I’m not bossy, I’m the boss.” If we all looked at ourselves as the bosses over our own lives, we can empower each other and begin turning the things we dream about into reality.

“I was here, I lived, I loved, I was here. I did, I’ve done everything that I wanted and it was more than I thought it would be, I will leave my mark so everyone will know I was here.” Those lyrics from the song entitled “I was here” is exactly what life is all about. How will you utilize your twenty-four hour days to do the things you’ve always wanted to because after all if Beyoncé can do it, so can you!

What are you big goals for the month, year?

[By Nyia Moore]