“Fear kills more dreams than failure ever will”-Suzy Kassem

Let that marinate for a minute, okay now how many of us can be honest enough to admit that we’re over thinkers? We waste so much of our time, energy, and talents stressing over everything we want to do, have already done, and even what we think is impossible to accomplish in the future. In order to stop getting in our own way, we must first change our mindset.

Fear of change

Change is inevitable right? I mean nothing ever really stays the same forever and why would we want it to? Even with knowing this, it doesn’t make it easy to embrace change in our lives as we transition into new relationships, career paths, and take on new scholarly challenges. We fear change because we become complacent with what is familiar to us. At some point you have to come to the realization that the only way you’ll evolve into the next level of elevation is to become a bit uncomfortable. What’s the first thing that any human being does when they’re uncomfortable? They adjust or change! It’s time to be more optimistic and take on whatever life throws our way.

Fear of the unknown

It’s kind of silly how often we forget that part of what makes life so interesting and exciting, is that we never know what’s going to happen next. What is there honestly to be afraid of? Well if you really had to ask, absolutely nothing! That’s the thrill of it all. We get to wake up everyday and make it whatever we would like it to be. Each day is a new opportunity to become what you want and do as you please, don’t waste it away wishing you’d made more of the precious time that we have here on earth. Take a risk and stop letting uncertainty prevent you from moving forward.

Fear of opinion

How many times have you passed up an opportunity or second guessed yourself due to fear of what others might think? There is nothing wrong with seeking guidance from others but your ultimate decision making should be based upon what you really want and feel. Truth be told, nobody knows what’s best for you but you and the more you choose to allow people to live their life vicariously through yours, the more you will begin to lose sight of who you are and what you want. Don’t let anyone else’s point of view overshadow your own. Your voice matters and you’re valid in believing so. Everyone has an opinion but that doesn’t mean it’s always worth listening to. Sometimes a penny for your own thoughts is more valuable than someone else’s two cents.

Fear of failure

A wise elderly woman once told me that “nothing beats a failure but a try.” At the time I didn’t quite grasp the concept but I think I’ve got it now, she was trying to get me to understand that as long as you have tried; you could never fail. Too often we forget to just live in the moment and follow our hearts. Of course there is a chance that things may not work out as we hoped them to but that comes along with the territory. On the bright side, experience is the best teacher and learning from your mistakes is priceless. If by chance you do fail, let it inspire you to try even harder the next time. We owe it to ourselves to abandon those unhealthy fear driven thoughts and create new ones that will motivate us in the direction of happier outcomes. While you’re being distracted by doubts and what ifs, there is someone else willing to take a leap of faith. Be brave enough to achieve the things you once deemed unobtainable because nothing is impossible.

“Fear is stupid, so are regrets” – Marilyn Monroe

Fear is stupid because if you continue to let it control your life, you’ll wake up one day with a bunch of regrets about what you wish you would have, should have, and could have done. Live a little and be courageous. Do all of the things you’ve always wanted to because the only thing to fear is fear itself.


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[by Nyia Moore]