The title says it all. Leaving the security of your job is petrifying, especially if you are leaving it for an unknown opportunity or something that may be a huge success or a detrimental flop. Whatever your reasoning for leaving your current job, it is scary to think about all of the terrible things that could go wrong once you leave. Job security, benefits, and comfort are just a few reasons that hold people back from leaving jobs that never serve them in a way that will build their future.We will stay in jobs that we have mentally quit weeks, months, or years ago purely out of the fears that come from leaving their “secure” position. At this point you’re not even doing your best work, you are distracted and wishing and hoping you knew how to move on from your current position. If you’ve already mentally quit and are wanting a new opportunity, what is scaring you?
You’re leaving behind all those benefits you so desperately wanted
Paid Time Off, health insurance, 401K plans, and all those other great benefits your parents stressed to you that you needed to be considered to have a “good job”, you know the kind with “benefits”. If you leave your nice, secure office job to become an entrepreneur, how will you ever take care of these things and plan for your future? Now that’s a scary thought right? To play the devil’s advocate I will also mention that time the economy tanked and people with those nice “secure” jobs lost their jobs and all of those benefits anyway. The scary thing about life is nothing is as secure as you would really hope so why are you continuing to play it safe? What would you be doing if the “safety” of your current job was not an issue? That is the question to ask yourself.

You have no idea what this new opportunity is going to bring to you
Let’s face it, the job you’re in now might suck but it’s familiar. It’s not just familiar, but comfortable. You know how to do the job, you know what is expected of you, and you know what you can and cannot get away with on the job. Starting a new job or focusing on your own business means you have to learn all new skills, techniques, and daily routines and that is scary. Leaving your job requires you to be ambitious and willing to learn new things. It will require new discipline and flexibility in your daily routine. You may or may not realize how set your routine is currently, but you would be disrupting the known and replacing it with the unknown. Is there something so important about your current familiar situation/routine that is worth missing out on great new opportunities?

It takes confidence, and you’re unsure
Confidence is key. Lacking the confidence it takes to move on to your next venture will forever hold you back. You may lack the confidence in knowing that you need to take the next step in your life. You may be lacking confidence around your abilities to do new, less familiar tasks or work. You may also lack the confidence Without this self-confidence whatever you do next will not prosper in the ways that you intrinsically want. You have to trust in your abilities to do new things, to conquer new obstacles, and believe in your ability to make plans that will benefit your future. You’re going to be scared about all the changes coming about, but you have to be confident in your judgement for your future’s sake. Do you trust that voice inside of you telling you that you can do this, or are you listening to the voice of doubt?

Addressing the fears around leaving your job is what is necessary for you to overcome the fears. There’s a part of you that is saying “holy crap this is scary,” but there’s also voice in there that is exciting, willing, and ready to begin something new. Conquering that fear is the next step to you living a life you have envisioned. Think about the questions posed. They all reflect one simple question are you willing to allow fear to hinder your future, or will you be the one who decides to step out on faith and enjoy the journey of new and fresh opportunity?

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[by Latisha]